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Jens Erik Gould

Founder & CEO

Jens Erik Gould is the Founder & CEO of Amalga Group, a Texas-based nearshore outsourcing company specializing in providing highly qualified talent in IT, software engineering, and contact centers. 

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Jens Erik Gould Founder and CEO


Jens Erik Gould is a dynamic leader with a versatile background spanning multiple domains. As the founder of Amalga Group, a Texas-based nearshore outsourcing company, Jens is dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective talent solutions for organizations in need of IT, software engineering, and contact center expertise. Under his guidance, Amalga Group has become a driving force in helping U.S. companies in healthcare, technology, and other sectors overcome workforce challenges and optimize their operations.

With over 15 years of professional experience, Gould’s journey is marked by achievements in staffing, digital marketing, corporate communications, and journalism. He is recognized for his ability to strategize and execute impactful marketing campaigns, having previously worked with prestigious firms like Apollo Global Management and Goldman Sachs. His portfolio includes expanding internal employee platforms, creating investor content portals, and launching public-facing digital publications. Jens is also proficient in crafting social media campaigns and producing video and podcast series that elevate thought leadership and enhance employee engagement.

Jens Erik Gould also has over a decade of dedicated reporting experience and has covered diverse topics such as politics, economics, public health, finance, and energy, primarily across the United States and Latin America. His bylines have graced the pages of reputable publications, including Bloomberg News, TIME Magazine, and The New York Times. Jens' remarkable work as a journalist earned him prestigious accolades, including two grants from the Pulitzer Center, and he was recognized as a Fulbright scholar. 

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