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10 Tips on How to Hire the Best Candidates

At Amalga, we’re often asked for tips on how companies should go about the hiring process. When evaluating candidates, hiring managers should assess their experience, potential, hard skills, soft skills and cultural fit with the company. Here are our top 10 tips for how to hire:

1. Write a job description that clearly defines the job requirements and responsibilities.

2. Use effective recruitment sources to reach a diverse pool of candidates and find passive candidates, including niche job boards, social media channels and employee referral programs. If budget permits, complement internal hiring efforts by using a staffing or recruitment agency.

3. Use structured interviews with pre-determined questions to ensure consistency in evaluations, assess hard skills, and get a feeling for candidates’ soft skills.

4. Use assessments and skill tests to verify technical qualifications, including writing tests.

5. Check references to avoid any red flags and read candidates’ social media posts to understand their thought process. Review portfolios for creative positions.

6. Have multiple people on the hiring team to ensure a well-rounded evaluation.

7. Use objective criteria in decision making to avoid bias, and look to hire diverse teams. This will help your company be more productive and boost more employee engagement.

8. Provide clear communication and feedback throughout the hiring process.

9. Offer a fair and competitive compensation package.

10. Continuously evaluate and improve the hiring process to ensure effective hiring decisions.

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