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Looking for Data Entry Superstars?

Recruiting and hiring candidates for data entry positions isn't as easy as it used to be. The skills needed to do the job have changed. What candidates are looking for in the position has changed. And even the actual job description and requirements are different. What was strictly a data-entry job is now often combined with administrative tasks and even customer service duties.

So, what kind of skills do today's data entry jobs demand? Let's find out! Here are the skills you need to succeed:

Computer Knowledge: Basic computer skills are essential too. You should be familiar with typing shortcuts, editing, and using various software programs specific to data entry. Depending on the task at hand, having a good grasp of basic math is important. It helps ensure that data is entered correctly and enables you to work with numbers effectively. You also need to type quickly and accurately. Whether it's numbers or words, you need to type them in with speed and precision.

Web Search: Data entry might require some internet research too. You should be able to perform simple searches using browsers like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and find accurate information online. With that comes analyzing information. If you have experience in data analysis, you can turn numbers into meaningful insights for the project at hand.

Organization: Being organized is key. You need to keep information in order, enter it correctly, and make sure everything is in its proper place. Always paying close attention to detail is crucial. Mistakes can happen if you're not careful, and that could jeopardize an entire project. So double-check everything! Being thorough is a must. Enter everything into the system carefully, exactly as it appears. Cross those t's and dot those i's!

Confidentiality: Some data entry jobs involve handling highly confidential information. It's essential to respect privacy, agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and keep data secure.

Independence: Many have the freedom to work from home. So, being comfortable with independence and working with little or no supervision is a valuable skill to have while being result-driven. You should strive to complete projects promptly and efficiently.

If you're in search of someone in this area, let's connect! Let us know your needs so we can help find you the perfect data entry team.

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